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The Tattoo - Rocket Science
Ian Power

The Tattoo - Rocket Science - Ian Power


Film Title: The Tattoo
Production Company: Rocket Science
Director: Ian Power
Brief Synopsis: A Holocaust survivor working in a New York funeral home in 1980 makes a life changing discovery.

New York, 1980. Anna Meyer can't remember her past. A survivor of the Holocaust, she is haunted daily by the survivor’s mark on her arm - a concentration camp tattoo.

What begins as a crisis for Anna will take her on a journey of self discovery, acceptance, and redemption.
Writer/Concept: Ian Power
Completion Date: 2018-01-01
Editor: Joe McElwaine, Ian Power
Cinematographer: Miguel Angel Viñas
Production Designer: Joe Fallover
Sound: Ken Galvin
Casting: Amy Rowan
Key Cast Members: Natalie Radmall-Quirke
Key Cast Members: Grainne Keenan
Key Cast Members: Jer O'Leary
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