2019 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Documentary Short)

Alfie, The Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe - Aaron Dunleavy - BBC Three JPEG

Alfie, The Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe - BBC Three
Aaron Dunleavy

Alfie, The Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe - BBC Three - Aaron Dunleavy


Film Title: Alfie, The Odd-Job Boy of Clitheroe
Production Company: BBC Three
Director: Aaron Dunleavy
Brief Synopsis: Alfie Cookson left school with no qualifications, was diagnosed with ADHA, Tourette's syndrome and dyslexia and struggled with his speech due to a stutter.

But against all of the odds, despite finding it hard to hold down a job working for other people, the 18-year old set up his own business on his tandem bike and trailer in his hometown of Clitheroe.

Turning his hand to anything, Alfie provides a range of services to the local folk, offering everything from rubbish removals to gutter cleaning. With a real hard-working attitude and a positive outlook on life, Alfie has been described as an old head on young shoulders.

The 7-minute short doc follows Alfie on his day-to-day escapades and celebrates his uniqueness and quirks, his passion for life and the struggles he has to overcome.
Writer/Concept: Aaron Dunleavy
Completion Date: 2019-06-26
Editor: Aaron Dunleavy
Cinematographer: Aaron Dunleavy
Production Designer: Aaron Dunleavy
Sound: Aaron Dunleavy
Casting: Aaron Dunleavy
Key Cast Members: Alfie Cookson
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