2019 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Documentary Short)

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Castells - Autobahn Productions
Pedro and James

Castells - Autobahn Productions - Pedro and James


Film Title: Castells
Production Company: Autobahn Productions
Director: Pedro and James
Brief Synopsis: Castells is a film that looks into the art of human towers in Catalonia. It explores the characters and the communities that are part of this beautiful and mesmerising tradition.

Castells are seemingly a simple activity; people climb on top of each other to create the highest tower. However, under the surface they are a metaphor to how communities interact, everyone playing a role, sacrificing oneself for a greater common objective. They illustrate how being part of society is about participation and interaction.
Writer/Concept: Pedro and James
Completion Date: 2019-04-17
Editor: Pedro de la Fuente, James Worsley, Horia Ionescu
Cinematographer: Pedro de la Fuente
Sound: Russ Chimes
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