RollerCoaster Legends II : Thor's Hammer - VR Immersive Experience/Game - Warducks JPG

RollerCoaster Legends II : Thor's Hammer - Warducks
VR Immersive Experience/Game

RollerCoaster Legends II : Thor's Hammer - Warducks - VR Immersive Experience/Game


Title: RollerCoaster Legends II : Thor's Hammer
Brand: Warducks
Product: VR Immersive Experience/Game
Entrant Company: RAYGUN Ireland
Client: Warducks
Description: We were asked to sound design this VR experience for Playstation by local Irish VR deign company Warducks. We immersed ourselves in the begin stages in the Norse world. Referencing all sort of legends and norse related themes. Movies, stories and also all other rollercoaster experiences available already in the VR domain. We were confident immediately that we could achieve the correct ambiances and sounds to evoke the locations and that we would be able to use the sounds correctly in the immersive way. We used the same application as the animators and design team called Unity to place and manipulate the sound effects. This is the only way to place your sounds in the VR environment and get it to immediately interact and behave the way that you want it too. Its a fantastic way of trying out sounds and changing them on the go to give the realistic affect that you need in Surround. The biggest challenge and indeed flaw that we noticed on other rollercoaster VR experiences is that there is no power felt in the adventures as you travel along the track. Most other rollercoaster games we looked at have a basic loop track that only speeds up and slows down in a very coarse, amateur sounding way. We broke all conventions and used the unity software in a unique way to achieve our "power track" and we feel it is the part of the whole audio experience that truly immerses you in the game. Hope you enjoy. THIS IS THE LINK TO A FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE EXPERIENCE FROM THE OCULUS STORE . QMMGH-PK7YW-9EFJH-KE7NA-YKAWN