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Freedom Prep - Sanctuary
Elle Ginter

Freedom Prep - Sanctuary - Elle Ginter


Film Title: Freedom Prep
Production Company: Sanctuary
Director: Elle Ginter
Brief Synopsis: Freedom Prep follows a team of female rugby players living fearlessly to break free of stereotypes and re-define strength on and off the field as they navigate high-school life in impoverished corners of Memphis, TN.
Writer/Concept: Elle Ginter
Completion Date: 2019-02-28
Editor: Stacey Petersen
Sound: Michael Hunkele
Key Cast Members: Niya Bailey
Key Cast Members: Carlicia Beam
Key Cast Members: Shanaiah Jones
Key Cast Members: Selena Jones
Key Cast Members: Serena Jones
Other: Faith Walker
Other: Shane Young
Other: Freedom Prep Academy Rugby Team