SHORT FILM (Best Short Film under 5 mins)

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FILTERFACE - Double Tap To Like

FILTERFACE - Double Tap To Like - -


Title: FILTERFACE - Double Tap To Like
Entrant Company: Common People Films
Brief Synopsis: Filterface is a satirical piece that explores the unhealthy importance young people place on social media and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies.

Doctors have labelled this new mental health disorder 'Snapchat Dysmorphia' - a modern-day sickness that is causing young people to lose touch with reality as they seek out a manufactured, false and synthetic ideology.
Writer/Concept: Will & Carly
Completion Date: 2019-11-11
Editor: Meg Thorne
Cinematographer: David Wright
Sound: Adam Smyth
Key Cast Members: Choreographer - Isabella Mahmoud
Other: Producer - Ramy Dance
Other: Prosthetics - Natasha Lawes
Other: Stylist - Alex Vilcov
Other: Grade - Jonny Tully