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The Decision -
PSA Organ Donation

The Decision - - PSA Organ Donation


Title: The Decision
Product: PSA Organ Donation
Nominee Name: Nicolas Bori
Film Title(s): The Decision
Entrant Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Brief Synopsis: A girl lies in bed at the hospital.
A decision can save her.
Writer/Concept: Nicolás Bori
Completion Date: 2019-12-09
Editor: Ernst Lattik
Cinematographer: Martin Ludwig
Production Designer: Julieta Pimentel
Sound: Robin Harff
Casting: AH casting
Key Cast Members: Becky - Sury Hardt
Key Cast Members: Becky´s mom - Genevieve Capovilla
Key Cast Members: Lili - Tabea Fromholz
Key Cast Members: Lili´s dad - Daniel Swain
Other: Producer: Daniel Kottirsch, Simona Weber
Other: Costume design: Ella Philippi
Other: Make-up / SFX: Tim Scheidig, Desirée Schober
Other: Color grading: Marina Starke
Other: Music Composer: Thomas Muis @2WEI Music
Other: VFX: Julia Kietzmann, Tim Markgraf