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Adopt A Better Future - WWF
WWF Adopt A Jaguar

Adopt A Better Future - WWF - WWF Adopt A Jaguar


Title: Adopt A Better Future
Brand: WWF
Product: WWF Adopt A Jaguar
Entrant Company: Agile Films
Agency Network: Uncommon
Client: WWF
Creative Director: Noah Harris
Production Company: Agile Films
Director: Noah Harris
Production Company Producer: Agile Films
DOP: Toby Howell
Editor: Max Windows @ Stitch
Post Production Company: nineteentwenty
Sound Studio: Soundtree Music
Animation: Andy Biddle, Tobias Fouracre & Dan Gill
Music: Jay James and Neil Athale
Notes: A powerful new advertising campaign has been launched today by WWF, bringing to life the global challenges facing precious wildlife as a result of mass deforestation. With it comes the hopeful message that collectively we can – and must – end the destruction of nature in our fight against climate change.

The advert has been created using the meticulous art of stop-motion – a first for WWF. The filmmaking technique pieces together individual frames to create fluid animation portraying this important truth. Led by award-winning director Noah Harris through Agile Films, the production comprised over six weeks of intricate model-making and set-building, followed by a painstaking two-week shoot to create the film. The work was also crafted in collaboration with an experienced team behind stop-motion masterpieces such as Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’.

In the film, we see the story of a young girl unfold – a symbol of people power – rallying a crowd to protect a threatened wild jaguar as it flees the faceless threat of deforestation amongst the chaos of the burning rainforest.

The film concludes in the girl’s bedroom, where we see a charcoal drawing of the endangered jaguar, however this drawing echoes something far more significant; it was created using charcoal from trees destroyed in a recent rainforest fire. The very rainforests donations go towards protecting. Ending in this familiar environment also emphasises how you at home can make a difference with a single monthly donation, and how collectively, these donations can be world-changing.