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Sleepy Town - ResApp Health
Sleep Check

Sleepy Town - ResApp Health - Sleep Check


Title: Sleepy Town
Brand: ResApp Health
Product: Sleep Check
Entrant Company: Mint Films
Client: Isobar
Creative Director: Hadleigh Sinclair & Marcel Moniaga
Production Company: Mint Films
Director: Andrew Seaton
Art Director: Marcel Moniaga
Agency Producer: Tom Pearce
Production Company Producer: Nick Mutton
DOP: Jack McAvoy
Editor: Andrew Seaton
Copywriter: Hadleigh Sinclair
Post Production Company: Mint Films
Sound Studio: Rumble
Music: Adam Moses
Sound Design: Tone Aston
Other: Mint Films EP - Matt Samperi
Other: Colourist - Yanni Kronenberg
Other: Sound Recorsit - Adam Roberts
Other: Creative - Hans Berents
Other: Rumble EP - Michael Gie
Other: Head of Production Isobar - Mel Sultana
Notes: None of the talent seen in Sleepy Town are actors. The challenge given to director Andrew Seaton was to get genuine and comedic performances out of real people who had never stepped in front of a camera before. Despite their lack of experience, he was able to skilfully extract authentic and humorous performances across the board. Working closely with the creative team from Isobar during preproduction, he helped rework the script, bolstering the story by adding and swapping scenes to help strengthen the narrative. On set, and often times meeting talent just moments before they started rolling, he was able to help guide their scripted performance towards genuine and comedic deliveries. He worked to the strengths of each of the talent, reworking lines and improvising scenarios with the team from Isobar to find the best comedy for each character. His use of handheld camera which followed the action, anchored the piece in reality, as if the audience was another person in the room observing. He also decided on the addition of aerial photography to showcase the entirety of the town, continuing the idea that the snoring impacted the whole community. All of the interviews were shot with strong contrast in the lighting and the addition of haze in the background, which kept them looking authentic but at the same time cinematic. His attention to detail whilst guiding performance followed through to his construction of the edit which relied heavily on comedic timing and a light touch. Sound played a big part in Andrew’s direction. He used it to smooth transitions in the edit and create a flowing narrative. For example, the loud chop of the butcher reawakens the audience after the lingering shot of Rudi in the hardware store, or the sound of Ian’s drill seamlessly blending into the sound of Maz inflating his pillow. In addition to this he used the score to help accentuate the comedy. The score leads the audience along and then completely drops away leaving squeamishly awkward silences. This all culminated in a mockumentary style commercial that is full of heart, authenticity and humour.