2020 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Short Film under 5 mins)

Absent - Libby Burke Wilde - Freedom4girls JPEG

Absent - Freedom4girls
Libby Burke Wilde

Absent - Freedom4girls - Libby Burke Wilde


Title: Absent
Brand: Freedom4girls
Product: Libby Burke Wilde
Entrant Company: Dog Eat Dog
Agency Network: Harvey Ascott
Client: Freedom4girls
Brief Synopsis: 'Absent' was made on behalf of the charity Freedom4girls.
In the film we follow Chloe, a young student as she catches a bus with her peers. During the bus journey, Josh sits next to her and while struggling to find the words to tell her, offers her a jumper to cover a stain on the back of her trousers, a stain Chloe was unaware of. Its from here we see the frantic rush of the morning, as Chloe desperately searches her room for a tampon or pad to no avail, her mother unable to offer anything but sympathy, as she's worked as many hours as possible but still cannot afford this 'luxury item' for the both of them. Chloe locks herself in the bathroom and knows she'll have to make do with toilet paper for the day or miss school.
The film's intention is to highlight this reality faced by young women across the country every month, and to address the stigma around periods.
Writer/Concept: Lucy MacCarthy
Completion Date: 2019-11-06
Editor: Sarah Peczek
Cinematographer: Molly Manning Walker
Production Designer: James Janna Bartlett
Sound: Mcasso Music
Casting: Emma Garett
Other: Executive Producer - Mark O'Sullivan
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