SHORT FILM (Best Short Film under 5 mins)

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WAKE UP - Progress Film
Sam Parish-Rookes

WAKE UP - Progress Film - Sam Parish-Rookes


Title: WAKE UP
Brand: Progress Film
Product: Sam Parish-Rookes
Entrant Company: Progress Film
Agency Network: Progress Film
Client: Black Lives Matter - Brighton
Brief Synopsis: Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a moment. Told from the perspective of two Black women, WAKE UP fuses powerful spoken word poetry with unflinching glimpses of news clips and mobile phone footage. An impassioned and emotional journey through the peaks and troughs of hope and frustration that are felt when people finally start paying attention, only to lose focus once the hashtags have stopped trending.
Writer/Concept: Aflo the Poet & Priss Nash
Completion Date: 2020-08-07
Cinematographer: Liam White
Sound: Shane Gravestock
Casting: Aflo the Poet & Priss Nash
Key Cast Members: Aflo the Poet
Key Cast Members: Priss Nash
Other: Colourist - Jessica Vile