2020 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Cinematography)

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Ashima - Dillon & Co / SoundChips
Dillon M. Banda

Ashima - Dillon & Co / SoundChips - Dillon M. Banda


Title: Ashima
Brand: Dillon & Co / SoundChips
Product: Dillon M. Banda
Entrant Company: Dillon & Co
Client: SoundChips
Brief Synopsis: ‘Ashima’ follows Natacha Maboma, a young Cameroonian-American woman who, at the time of making the film, had been living and travelling abroad in Asia for 3 years. Whilst visiting Hong Kong for the first time, Natacha reflects on the experience of being a young woman - and specifically, a black woman - living away from home and travelling the world on her own. Her thoughts are interspersed with the lyrics from 3 songs that have had a special significance for her during her travels. ‘Ashima’ was filmed across the Hong Kong islands before the COVID-19 pandemic, and also before the pro-democracy protests. It is the third film in a series exploring the importance of music in people’s lives.

‘Ashima’ has won the award for 'Best International Director' at the 2020 Oregon Documentary Film Festival, and was shortlisted for the ‘Cultural Impact’, ‘Cinematography’, ‘Unscripted’ and ‘New Generation’ awards at the 2020 Berlin Commercial Awards.
Writer/Concept: Dillon M. Banda
Completion Date: 2020-07-30
Editor: Sean Cunningham
Cinematographer: Dillon M. Banda
Sound: IYO
Key Cast Members: Natacha Maboma
Other: Music by Hotel Neon
Other: Production Assistance by Van Ngoc Dang
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