SHORT FILM (Best Cinematography)

The Empty Chair - Sye Allen - Burning Reel JPG

The Empty Chair - Burning Reel
Sye Allen

The Empty Chair - Burning Reel - Sye Allen


Title: The Empty Chair
Brand: Burning Reel
Product: Sye Allen
Entrant Company: Burning Reel
Agency Network: Sye Allen
Brief Synopsis: THE EMPTY CHAIR is a love letter to all those we've lost as a result of the pandemic, but it also speaks of those intimate collective experiences that we've all missed of late.

In a situation fronted by numbers and statistics, the film takes a step back and speaks of a lost individual, and how the survivor will choose to face the world.

Cinematography by BAFTA nominee Sam Care (Wet Season, Another Mother's Son, Couple in a Hole) Performed by BAFTA winning Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, The Witch, Prometheus).

The music is an original composition by Academy Short winner Nico Casal.

Note from Director : Unfortunately, many of my close friends have been forced to deal with untimely grief, and conversations with them were the seeds for this project. It is dedicated to them, and all whom we've lost.

The venues we were granted access to for filming have also experienced grave circumstances. The famous RIO cinema in Dalston, The George Tavern on Commercial Road, Walthamstow Football Club, Bottle & Blade restaurant in Homerton, St. Mark's Rise church in Dalston; Important independent institutions that need our help, now more than ever.

2020 doesn't have a monopoly on loss but now seems like as good a time as ever to calmly reflect upon it.


The George Tavern - Commercial Rd
St. Mark's Rise Church - Dalston
Walthamstow Football Club - Wadham Lodge
Rio Cinema - Dalston
Protein Studios - Shoreditch
Bottle & Blade - Homerton Rd
Harmony Hall - Walthamstow
Writer/Concept: Sye Allen
Completion Date: 2020-11-10
Editor: Chris Roebuck
Cinematographer: Sam Care
Production Designer: Sye Allen
Sound: Aaron Taffel
Key Cast Members: Kate Dickie
Other: Colourist - Jax Harney
Other: Original Music - Nico Casal