2020 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Cinematography)

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Listen To Me Sing - NFTS
Isabel Garrett

Listen To Me Sing - NFTS - Isabel Garrett


Title: Listen To Me Sing
Brand: NFTS
Product: Isabel Garrett
Entrant Company: Daniel Morgan
Agency Network: Emily Everdee
Brief Synopsis: A miserable hotel performer is struggling to use her voice, and finds herself desperate to re-learn how to express herself. One day, she finds a walrus in her bathtub and falls in love – and this encounter might well be the making of her.
Writer/Concept: Rosamund Attwood, Isabel Garrett
Completion Date: 2019-02-02
Editor: Chloe Hardwick
Cinematographer: Daniel Morgan
Production Designer: Tessa Flanagan
Sound: Adam Shuttleworth
Key Cast Members: Vocals by: Alex Glenfield
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