2020 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Original Music)

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Ajoyo - Grayscale Productions
Ian Roderick Gray

Ajoyo - Grayscale Productions - Ian Roderick Gray


Title: Ajoyo
Brand: Grayscale Productions
Product: Ian Roderick Gray
Entrant Company: MVKA
Agency Network: Lucia Novoa Gil
Client: MVKA
Brief Synopsis: Celebrated Mexican Dancer Maité Guadarrama discusses her unique philosophy on dancing, showing the relationship between her body, spirit and the rhythm that surrounds us all.

Writer/Concept: Ian Roderick Gray and Pablo Rojo
Completion Date: 2020-11-02
Editor: Ian Roderick Gray
Cinematographer: Maité Guadarrama and Pablo Rojo
Production Designer: Not Applicable
Sound: Pablo Novoa
Casting: Not Applicable
Key Cast Members: Maité Guadarrama
Other: Danny Keane (Composer)
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