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Sister This - Parallel Films
Claire Byrne

Sister This - Parallel Films - Claire Byrne


Title: Sister This
Brand: Parallel Films
Product: Claire Byrne
Entrant Company: Parallel Films
Agency Network: Claire Gormley
Client: Screen Ireland
Brief Synopsis: Sister This is a modern-day female take on an old male stereotype of the "work away father". When Caitlin is made an offer of work that she can't refuse, she must explain that she cant make it home for her son's birthday. As Caitlin explains her decisions to Denise we discover that a lot more is at stake than just a birthday party. The story explores the conflict between want and need, between home and away and between desire and responsibility.
Writer/Concept: Tracy Martin
Completion Date: 2019-08-31
Editor: Allyn Quigley
Cinematographer: Philip Blake
Production Designer: Kate Moylan
Sound: Aiden Norris
Key Cast Members: Jordanne Jones
Key Cast Members: Charleigh Bailey
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