2020 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Short Film under 15 mins)

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The Long Goodbye - Somesuch Production
Aneil Karla

The Long Goodbye - Somesuch Production - Aneil Karla


Title: The Long Goodbye
Brand: Somesuch Production
Product: Aneil Karla
Entrant Company: WeTransfer
Agency Network: Tom Gardner
Client: Riz Ahmed
Brief Synopsis: Actor, musician and activist Riz Ahmed has never been afraid to speak his mind. Whether in the roles he chooses or giving impassioned speeches in parliament, his work is reflective of what is happening in the world today. Now to coincide with the release of his new album, The Long Goodbye, Riz is releasing a new short film of the same name, as part of a collaboration with WePresent and directed by Aneil Karia. A sobering and powerful watch, The Long Goodbye imagines a dystopian near future and sees Riz unpack his feelings towards his country.
This film contains sensitive material, viewer discretion is advised.
Writer/Concept: Riz Ahmed and Aneil Karla
Completion Date: 2020-03-06
Editor: Amanda James
Cinematographer: Stuart Bentley
Production Designer: Ruth Crawford
Sound: Nadine Richardson
Casting: Shaheen Baig
Key Cast Members: Riz - Riz Ahmed
Key Cast Members: Aminah - Hussina Raja
Key Cast Members: Dad - Javed Hashmi
Key Cast Members: Mum - Sudha Bhuchar
Key Cast Members: Karim - Rish Shah
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