SHORT FILM (Best Short Film under 10 mins)

Lazy Susan - Terri Timely - Park Pictures JPG

Lazy Susan - Park Pictures
Terri Timely

Lazy Susan - Park Pictures - Terri Timely


Title: Lazy Susan
Brand: Park Pictures
Product: Terri Timely
Entrant Company: Park Pictures
Brief Synopsis: This comedic short film unfolds the origins of the circular rotating device that sits in the middle of the dinning table, known as the “Lazy Susan” came to be. We are quickly introduced to the protagonist, Susan, and her sister, Annie. Susan, dubbed, Lazy Susan, is more fond of a sedimentary lifestyle, which is a complete contrast to her sister — Active Annie — who prefers backflipping through the house as she cooks and cleans — never stopping. When their family restaurant is threatened by a trendy self-serve soup joint, Susan’s time-saving inventions begin to appeal to just just Susan but also the restaurant customers. The noteworthy spinning disc in the middle of the table to pass food around, is born — hence, the Lazy Susan.
Writer/Concept: Terri Timely
Completion Date: 2019-08-19