SHORT FILM (Best Documentary Short)

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Dino - Nice Shirt Films
Emilio Gamal Boutros

Dino - Nice Shirt Films - Emilio Gamal Boutros


Title: Dino
Brand: Nice Shirt Films
Product: Emilio Gamal Boutros
Entrant Company: Nice Shirt Films
Agency Network: Jack Cain
Brief Synopsis: Dino, a young man with physical co-ordination disorder dyspraxia, takes us on a dream-like journey through his disability as he reflects on his place in society and his struggle to find himself.
Writer/Concept: Emilio Gamal Boutros
Completion Date: 2020-03-01
Editor: Emilio Gamal Boutros
Cinematographer: Lee Thomas
Other: Producer: Jack Cain
Other: Music Composer: Gabriel Boutros
Other: Music Production: Arthur Philippot
Other: Colourist: Thomas Mangham
Other: Sound: Michael Johnson