SHORT FILM (Best Direction - Ireland)

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Saoirse - The Nice Things
Marion Bergin

Saoirse - The Nice Things - Marion Bergin


Title: Saoirse
Brand: The Nice Things
Product: Marion Bergin
Entrant Company: The Nice Things
Agency Network: Marion Bergin
Brief Synopsis: Dublin is a city in the midst of a property development boom and with the gentrification of the inner city, working-class horse culture is being marginalised. It’s something quite unique to the city and likely won’t exist in fifteen years. The media only rarely casts the culture in a positive light since there have been serious welfare issues associated with the culture since the mass over-breeding of the early nineties. This film takes a snapshot of some of the men who genuinely care about their horses as they struggle to keep the remnants of the culture alive.

Writer/Concept: Marion Bergin
Completion Date: 2020-10-03
Editor: Ciaran Murray
Cinematographer: Narayan Van Maele
Sound: James D Latimer
Casting: Marion Bergin
Key Cast Members: Adam Hutchinson, Arthur Killalee, Gerry Farmer, Micheal Hanley
Other: Sound Recordists: Rob Moore and Robin Sherrywood
Other: Colourist: Leandro Arouca at Element Post Production