Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei JPG
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei JPG
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei JPG
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei JPG
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei JPG
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Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei MP3
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei MP3
Sonic Escapes - FreeBuds Pro - Huawei MP3

Sonic Escapes - Huawei
FreeBuds Pro

Sonic Escapes - Huawei - FreeBuds Pro


Title: Sonic Escapes
Brand: Huawei
Product: FreeBuds Pro
Entrant Company: Pablo
Client: Huawei
Description: In Autumn 2020, as lockdown dragged on, reports of declining mental health began to hit the headlines. So, we proactively approached Huawei with an idea we believed could help. Huawei prides itself on “pushing the limits of what is humanly possible” and were eager to bring this mission statement to life in a way that had a positive impact on society whilst also improving brand perception and awareness of their world first audio offering of the FreeBuds Pro.

Sonic Escapes was born, enabling people to take a much-needed holiday, without having to physically travel. We used 360° binaural technology to create a series of ten minute immersive audio experiences that put the listener at the centre of unique getaways to Jamaica, Mexico and Morocco.
Here, listeners could enjoy cutting-edge innovation teamed with dynamic entertainment content, to help shut the world out, and give their mind a break without interruption, or unwanted sounds. Binaural sound is how our ears perceive sound. The human ear isn’t restricted to the 180° audio field that a stereo projects. Binaural has a complete 360 circumference of sound, with full sensitivity of everything that’s happening from the ground to the sky - making this a fully immersive audio experience.

The campaign was launched across 11 markets (Europe and Australia) through a series of virtual and physical events, as well as online and through social media and influencer engagement. What’s more is that the episodes could be enjoyed by everyone, as they were available to download FREE via the Huawei Music app and online. At the events, attendees could experience the immersive binaural sound for themselves, with the world’s first Intelligent Dynamic Noise Cancelling headphones, the new Huawei FreeBuds Pro - which were the perfect way to shut out the noise and truly escape from the confines of the ‘new normal’.

Sonic Escapes has been the most immersive and most engaging piece of audio content that Huawei have ever produced. The expectation was 1 million downloads (ambitious given this was informed from the top performing audio tracks on Huawei music, including music). However, in the first 6 weeks (from 14 September to 23 October 2020) the results were already outperforming targets. Sonic Escapes had over 3.2 million downloads (three times higher than the average piece of content on Huawei music, this includes music tracks). 17.7m impressions through influencer engagement and delivered 79% of organic impressions KPI in the first 3 weeks alone. Organic media reach rose to 315.8 million during the same period and the new webpage had 48,000 visits - with 100% positive sentiment (a first for Huawei).

Most importantly, it delivered on giving people some much needed mental respite:

“These sounds helped me to chill out, relax and escape the everyday stress” Germany

“Through the music, the images came to life, taking me back to the bustling streets of Marrakech, filled with the smell of spices and the sound of drums. I'm not going to lie, when it was over, I had tears in my eyes.” Italy

“I really thought there was a bird flying through my head. Amazing 360 degree sound experience - even for relaxing." Spain

NOTE: When listening please do use headphones for the full experience. You can listen to all three here. https://consumer.huawei.com/uk/campaign/sonic-escapes/
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