2021 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Original Music)

The Shimmering Extraordinary: Annie - Nexus Studios - Fx Goby JPG

The Shimmering Extraordinary: Annie - Fx Goby
Nexus Studios

The Shimmering Extraordinary: Annie - Fx Goby - Nexus Studios


Title: The Shimmering Extraordinary: Annie
Brand: Fx Goby
Product: Nexus Studios
Entrant Company: DOLCE
Brief Synopsis: For their inaugural Safe To Be Me Festival, Scottish Ballet commissioned six dance films that explore how movement and expression help performers embrace and overcome physical and emotional hardships. ‘The Shimmering Extraordinary’ series, produced by Nexus Studios and premiered on NOWNESS, was created by Emmy-nominated director Fx Goby, and addresses themes such as homophobia, racism and ableism.

One film in the series follows dance artist Annie Edwards, who suffers from a physical disability called cartilage hair hypoplasia. She describes the sense of liberation she achieves through her own dancing, despite how it also exacerbates the physical pain she lives with on a day-to-day basis.

Performing against a background of white fabrics, her passionate, expressionistic dancing is as moving as it is captivating. We crafted an elegant piano piece fused with string pads and rousing vocals to complement the dancer’s inspiring personal reflections.
Writer/Concept: Fx Goby
Completion Date: 2021-06-07
Editor: Fx Goby
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