2021 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Documentary Short)

Reincarnation - Colin Brady & Steve Sheehy - Gavin Fitzgerald JPG

Reincarnation - Gavin Fitzgerald
Colin Brady & Steve Sheehy

Reincarnation - Gavin Fitzgerald - Colin Brady & Steve Sheehy


Title: Reincarnation
Brand: Gavin Fitzgerald
Product: Colin Brady & Steve Sheehy
Entrant Company: Taller Stories
Brief Synopsis: Reincarnation tells the story of Mark Grouse who, in order to deal with the trauma that he suffered as a child, created separate versions of himself.
In his first life he was Mark, a happy and outgoing kid. His innocence was taken from him and in the flames, Grousey was born. For years he battled addiction - heroin was the coping mechanism, followed by methadone but through a long healing process he managed to get clean. Today, everybody knows him as Guze.
Guze casts himself as neither hero nor victim. He refuses to let shame control him and instead focuses on the things that fulfil him - family, street art and Jiu Jitsu.
Writer/Concept: Gavin FitzGerald
Completion Date: 2021-07-09
Editor: James Baldwin
Cinematographer: Albert Hooi
Production Designer: Gavin FitzGerald
Sound: Bean Will Meakin
Casting: Gavin FitzGerald
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