2021 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Short Film under 10 mins)

PALACE - Adam Dolman - Luke & Joseph JPEG

PALACE - Luke & Joseph
Adam Dolman

PALACE - Luke & Joseph - Adam Dolman


Brand: Luke & Joseph
Product: Adam Dolman
Entrant Company: UNIT9
Brief Synopsis: Shot in the nocturnal streets and edgelands of East London, visceral short PALACE follows a young paramedic as he decompresses from a frenetic shift before returning home. An electrifying performance from rising actor Daniel Ward captures the untangling of complex emotions in the post- shift fallout: the fading adrenaline, the flood of memories, the cathartic release.

Scored by up-and-coming ambient band Blessed are the Heart that Bend, featuring new track “Palace” from their forthcoming album “Is My Destroyer”.
Writer/Concept: Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull
Completion Date: 2020-09-14
Editor: Dennis Mabry
Cinematographer: David Procter
Casting: Kharmel Cochrane
Key Cast Members: Paramedic: Daniel Ward
Key Cast Members: Preacher: Barry Ward
Key Cast Members: Biker: Mark Couzens
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