2021 DIGITAL - INTERNATIONAL (Best Use of Social Media)

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Cités - Prime Video
TikTok series

Cités - Prime Video - TikTok series


Title: Cités
Brand: Prime Video
Product: TikTok series
Entrant Company: Quad Stories / QUAD GROUP
Agency Network: HEREZIE
Client: Prime Video
Creative Director: Etienne Renaux, Paul Marty
Director: Abd Al Malik
Judging URL: https://www.tiktok.com/tag/cit%C3%A9slas%C3%A9rie
Production Company: Quad Stories / QUAD GROUP
Other: TV Production: Tanya Kozlova, Laureen Rigot
Other: Art direction : Hugo Doré, Joris Bourquin
Other: Conception : Tom Danguy, Antoine des Beauvais
Other: Consulting director : Dimitri Boudnikoff
Other: Social media manager : Douglas Antonio, Lucie Roques
Other: Senior Social Marketing Manager : Alexandre Andresciani
Other: European Creative Director : Enzo Annunziata
Other: Group Manager : Marine Chenu
Other: Advertising Manager : Lisa Duchein
Notes: Quad Stories has just produced with #PrimeVideo the first series broadcast exclusively on the TikTok platform!

This series was entirely written and directed by the artist #AbdAlMalik hand in hand with the agency Herezie

"The #CITES project perfectly represents the DNA of Quad Stories.
It's an innovative and accessible series for all, with 12 one-minute episodes, which will highlight the adventures of a group of friends aged 15 to 25 who are on a quest for brotherhood.
The series is intended to be creative and relevant to viewers, and will bridge the gap between French heritage and youth.
Users of the application will not be confused by this series, because it plays and uses the codes of this social network.
#CITIES offers the opportunity for today's youth to solidify the important link with the great figures of culture who are no longer around, but whose heritage remains."

Seidy & Romain, producers at Quad Stories
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