2021 DESIGN - INTERNATIONAL (Logotypes and Marques)

Tough Turban - Tough Turban - Tough Turban JPG
Tough Turban - Tough Turban - Tough Turban JPG
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Tough Turban - Tough Turban
Tough Turban

Tough Turban - Tough Turban - Tough Turban


Title: Tough Turban
Brand: Tough Turban
Product: Tough Turban
Entrant Company: Zulu Alph Kilo
Client: Pfaff Harley-Davidson
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Designer: Jeff Watkins, Rasna Jaswal
Art Director: Vic Bath
Account Executive: Allison Diaz Mercado
Account Director: Rob Feightner, Matt Sinuita, David Trembley,
Production Company: Zulubot
Photographer: The Moto Foto | Dan Lim
Illustrator: Nabil Elsaadi
Copywriter: Dan Cummings
Agency Producer: Laura Dubcovsky, Kathryn Brown
Other: Strategy Team: Spencer MacEachern, Shaunagh Farrelly
Other: Motion Graphics: Ashlee Mitchell
Other: Executive Producer: Tom Evans
Other: Product Design: Sparks Innovation
Notes: Turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists are now exempt from helmet laws in provinces across Canada. For some, this creates a difficult choice between the protection offered by a helmet and the deep significance of a Turban to the Sikh identity. With all the technological advances in the world of protective gear, nobody should have to choose between safety and their identity. With this community of riders in mind, Pfaff Harley-Davidson introduced the first impact resistant turban. Layered with bulletproof composite fabric, foam that hardens on impact and 3D printed armour, the Tough Turban empowers riders to protect who they are. Our open-source designs have been shared online so manufacturers across the world can create similar reinforced turbans for riders in their regions.
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