2021 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Documentary Short)

Looking Back in Pride - Scarlett Barclay - Emily McDonald JPG

Looking Back in Pride - Emily McDonald
Scarlett Barclay

Looking Back in Pride - Emily McDonald - Scarlett Barclay


Title: Looking Back in Pride
Brand: Emily McDonald
Product: Scarlett Barclay
Entrant Company: Forever
Brief Synopsis: A short documentary for British Vogue’s second annual Pride video series celebrating LGBTQIA+ communities.

“After Stonewall, it was like the sun had come out,” recalls David, 75. In the affecting short film, David, Peggy, 73, Ted, 71, and 69-year-old Adele reflect movingly on their memories of coming out, the remarkable change they’ve witnessed in their lifetimes, their hopes for the future, and what they’d like to tell their younger selves.

Though it captures pain, heartbreak and struggle, the overall effect of the short film is undeniably an uplifting one – thanks in no small part to the dancing scenes. “They were some of my favourites to film,” McDonald agrees, adding that the whole crew joined in with Peggy as she cut loose to her favourite EDM tracks beneath a shower of confetti. The impressively light on his feet Ted chose “Glasshouse” by The Temptations as his soundtrack, and practised his moves in the dressing room as he waited to be called to the set. “Once we got him out there we could barely stop him!”

Writer/Concept: Emily McDonald
Completion Date: 2021-10-01
Editor: Craig Coole
Cinematographer: Henry Lockyer
Production Designer: Levi Hinds
Sound: Joseph Reuben
Casting: Emily McDonald
Other: Production Company: Forever
Other: Executive Producers: Sasha Nixon, MrMr
Other: Creative Director: Samantha Crossley
Other: Commissioners: Minnie J Carver, Sylvia Hong, Jessica Vincent at British Vogue
Other: Senior Video Producer & Commissioner: Minnie J Carver
Other: Stylist: Josh Meredith
Other: Hairstylist & Make-up Artist: Holly Miller
Other: Colourist: Ruth Wardell
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