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Surfaces - Tim Marshall, Another Film Company - Jon Elsom (Writer) Steve Reeves (Director) JPG

Surfaces - Jon Elsom (Writer) Steve Reeves (Director)
Tim Marshall, Another Film Company

Surfaces - Jon Elsom (Writer) Steve Reeves (Director) - Tim Marshall, Another Film Company


Title: Surfaces
Brand: Jon Elsom (Writer) Steve Reeves (Director)
Product: Tim Marshall, Another Film Company
Entrant Company: McCann Bristol
Brief Synopsis: xThe backdrop to Surfaces is the insidious menace that is domestic violence, heightened during the coronavirus lockdown. The film explores whether we can ever trust the surface of things.
RICHARD is a man whose wife has disappeared that weekend without explanation. He finally gets through to her on a video call after trying unsuccessfully for two days.
At first, his wife ALIX seems cool and heartless, saying she’s simply left him. But all is not as it seems.
ALIX, it becomes clear, is detached because she is hollow and traumatised. The conversation gradually reveals the horror of RICHARD’s controlling coercion and violence towards her, culminating in the most shocking revelation of all.
Surfaces is a brutal yet ultimately redemptive portrayal of coercion, violence, loss and hope.
Writer/Concept: Jon Elsom
Completion Date: 2020-05-15
Editor: Bruce Townend - The Quarry
Cinematographer: Steve Reeves
Production Designer: Steve Reeves
Sound: Owen Griffiths
Casting: Jon Elsom / Steve Reeves
Key Cast Members: Maxine Peake
Key Cast Members: Lex Shrapnel
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