2021 SHORT FILM - IRISH (Best Direction - Ireland)

Flicker - Aaron McAneney - Luke Daly & Nathan Fagan JPG

Flicker - Luke Daly & Nathan Fagan
Aaron McAneney

Flicker - Luke Daly & Nathan Fagan - Aaron McAneney


Title: Flicker
Brand: Luke Daly & Nathan Fagan
Product: Aaron McAneney
Entrant Company: Bold Puppy
Brief Synopsis: In the aftermath of a violent assault, twenty-something Danny (Peter Newington) struggles to accept the full extent of his injuries.

Moving through the house-parties, nightclubs and bars of today's Dublin, ‘Flicker’ explores the subtle pressures of contemporary Irish masculinity. It's a raw, visceral and intimate exploration of contemporary Irish youth culture, masculinity and trauma.
Writer/Concept: Nathan Fagan
Completion Date: 2020-03-05
Editor: Vincent McEntee
Cinematographer: Kevin Minogue
Sound: Simon Murphy & Steve Jackson
Key Cast Members: Peter Newington
Key Cast Members: Sean Doyle
Key Cast Members: Tony Doyle
Key Cast Members: Meagan Bea-Tiernan
Key Cast Members: Caoimhe Coburn Gray
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