2021 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Short Film under 15 mins)

TEA - Paul Sng, Margit Sauk - Sam Walker JPG

TEA - Sam Walker
Paul Sng, Margit Sauk

TEA - Sam Walker - Paul Sng, Margit Sauk


Title: TEA
Brand: Sam Walker
Product: Paul Sng, Margit Sauk
Entrant Company: Stitch
Brief Synopsis: Britain, present day. A country confused and divided by the struggle to reconcile the fading glory of the past with the grim uncertainty of the future. In a once great British seaside town, TEA tells the story of Amelia, a young Polish woman living with her father on a rundown caravan park, who is terrorised by two local youths. As Amelia suffers a relentless campaign of intimidation and violence, and with her father seemingly unable to offer any protection, the stakes are raised and she must take matters into her own hands.
Writer/Concept: Sam Walker
Completion Date: 2021-11-04
Editor: Sam Sneade
Sound: Anthony Moore
Key Cast Members: Maja Laskowska
Key Cast Members: Jamie Bacon
Key Cast Members: Craig Middleburg
Key Cast Members: Bogdan Kominowski
Other: DoP: Vince Knight
Other: Choreographer: Lukas McFarlane
Other: Art Director: Laura Murray
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