2019 SHORT FILM - INTERNATIONAL (Best Direction)

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My Boy - Knucklehead
Charlotte Regan

My Boy - Knucklehead - Charlotte Regan


Film Title: My Boy
Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Charlotte Regan
Brief Synopsis: Daniel is a father desperately looking for his son - as he contacts a scattered group of family and friends, telling stories and jokes where he possibly can, we realise that a heartbreaking reality lies at the root of his search.
Writer/Concept: Charlotte Regan
Completion Date: 2019-09-04
Editor: Charlotte Regan
Cinematographer: Olan Collardy
Production Designer: Hazel Singzon
Sound: Enos Desjardin
Key Cast Members: Sam Spruell
Key Cast Members: Ellise Chappell
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