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Selling Out - Flare Studios
George Hackforth-Jones

Selling Out - Flare Studios - George Hackforth-Jones


Title: Selling Out
Brand: Flare Studios
Product: George Hackforth-Jones
Entrant Company: Flare Studios
Agency Network: Jess Journo
Brief Synopsis: Selling Out is a comedy about an actress' realisation that perhaps her life isn't going to turn out the way she'd imagined. 
Writer/Concept: Lucy Scott-Smith
Completion Date: 2021-01-08
Editor: Theo Gibara
Cinematographer: Chris Clarke
Production Designer: Paris Hounam
Sound: Rick Morris
Casting: Lucy Scott-Smith
Key Cast Members: Riley Jones
Key Cast Members: Siu-See Hung
Key Cast Members: Tom Rooke
Other: Pranav Arya