2021 INTEGRATED - INTERNATIONAL (Best campaign using 3 or more media formats)

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Feeding Imagination - Goldfish Crackers
Goldfish Crackers

Feeding Imagination - Goldfish Crackers - Goldfish Crackers


Title: Feeding Imagination
Brand: Goldfish Crackers
Product: Goldfish Crackers
Entrant Company: Zulu Alph Kilo
Client: Campbell Canada
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh, Susie Lee
Art Director: Jacob Gawrysiak, Philippe Visaya
Account Director: Alyssa Guttman, Erin McManus
Director: Barbara Shearer
Production Company: Zulubot
Agency Producer: Rebecca Adams, Michael Oshell
Production Company Producer: Tom Evans, Mitch Cappe
Post Production Company: Zulubot
Copywriter: George Ault, Victoria Lee
Camera Operator: James Andrews
Sound Studio: Zulubot
Sound Engineer: Dino Cuzzolino
Casting: Ground Glass Casting – Andrew Deiters
Music: Eggplant
Sound Design: Roc Gagliese
Developer: Kyle Collins
Designer(s): Vince Rozas
Illustrator: Polyester Studios
Printer: Flash Reproductions Inc.
Other: Associate Creative Directors: Jacob Gawrysiak, George Ault
Other: Planning Team: Heather Segal, Sean Bell
Other: Studio Team: Greg Heptinstall, Andrew Martin, Cecilia Bernasch, Nabil Elsaadi
Other: Post Production Producers: Sarah Dayus, Mariya Guzova, Adam Palmer
Other: Editor: Max Lawlor
Other: Animation: Mike Sevigny
Other: Colourist: Hardave Grewal
Other: Online: Alex Boothby
Other: Music Audio Engineer: Peter Pacey
Other: Clients: Mieka Burns, Paloma Bentes, Friyana Engineer, Mariah Weir
Notes: Childhood creativity rarely gets displayed beyond fridge doors and classroom walls. To show kids how far their imaginations can take them, Goldfish launched an integrated campaign that brought the imagination of three young children to life. One authored a book, one created a huge mural, and another designed a video game. The campaign asks children to share their drawings and stories at feedimagination.ca for a chance to see them brought to life this winter.
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